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[Last Updated on 1 April 2010] Bellefonte Borough currently has a number of active Grants.  These grants include:

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Grant # BRC-PRD-13-88 – Talleyrand Park Improvements

This Grant was generated to perform improvements to the “Claster’s” land next to the Match Factory Building (APS).  Weber, Murphy, and Fox presented a tentative layout and design to Borough Council and the public for input.  A few changes were discussed and implemented such as a path through the middle of the park.   The concept of the grant proposal is to develop a walk-way around the park, install lighting and plant trees.  Ameron Construction Company was awarded the bid and was provided the Notice-to-Proceed effective March 29, 2010.  The project’s anticipated completion date is August 2010.  The project can be viewed here: Blft Park Expansion 09_07_30

Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Grant # BRC-PRD-14-15 – Growing Greener – Big Spring Bridge

This grant is being performed simultaneously with the Talleyrand Park Improvements Grant.  The Architectural and Engineering Firm of Weber, Murphy, and Fox is also working on completing the permitting applications for both grants.  The purpose of this grant is to install a bridge (donated by Penn State) behind the Big Spring Pump House.  In addition, the grant scope of work calls for a railroad crossing connecting the park with the American Philatelic Society.

Department of Community and Economic Development  Grant # BRC TAG 13.3 158 – Kepler Pool Feasibility Study

This Grant is completed.  The purpose of the grant request was ask for grant assistance toward the preparation of an aquatics feasibility study.  The purpose of the aquatics feasibility study was to analyze the current and projected demands for aquatic services in the Nittany Valley Planning Region, evaluate the physical condition and efficiency of Kepler Pool to identify improvements and/or additions that may be required or needed to improve the economic feasibility of the existing facilities, and develop preliminary capital cost estimates and projected expense and revenue estimates for the proposed recommendations.

Please click here for a copy of the Final Report.

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

The intended purpose of this grant was for Bellefonte Borough to seek financial assistance for the development of a publication (bulletin) to serve as a planning and implementation tool at all levels of building rehabilitation. The focus of the bulletin will be to supply information listing fire detection and suppression alternatives, suppliers, and techniques for the prevention of fires in historic buildings. The intended audience will be trades persons, planners, architects, engineers, and property owners. The purpose of the bulletin is to distribute information in a format that is readily available and accessible in an effort to promote the application of modern technology in the reduction of fire losses in existing buildings.  The bulletin will be designed for public distribution through direct mail, placement on the World Wide Web, and community-wide as a PowerPoint program. Click here to visit the Fire Suppression Report.

Department of Community and Economic Development – Contract No. C000037110 – Bellefonte Waterfront District Redevelopment Plan

This grant was completed in March 2010.  The Borough contracted with Delta Development Group, Incorporated in July 2009.  A Steering Committee of Community members had been established to guide the project.  These members included: Renee Brown; Vana Dainty; Robert Dannaker; Richard Fornicola; Wendy Fultz; Stanley Goldman; Erin Hammerstedt; Donald Holderman; Gary Hoover; Kim Kowalyck; Samual McGinley; Gregory Wendt; and Kimberly Wheeler.

The potential for redevelopment of the waterfront site in downtown Bellefonte is exciting and can be achieved with appropriate preparation and an action-oriented approach.  The scope of services addresses the planning and pre-construction activity related to the project.  The planning document developed from the tasks outlined in the scope of work will serve as a road map to build strategic public private partnerships and to move forward with implementation of the plan.

A final Public meeting was held at the Courthouse Annex on January 28, 2010.  Approximately 75 people were in attendance.

Click here to view pdf of slide presentation presented at the January 28, 2010 public meeting.

Click here to view pdf of Final Report of Waterfront District Revitalization Plan

Click here to view pdf of Final Copy Letter of Interest

Certified Local Government Grant 2009 – Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission, Bureau of Historic Preservation.

This ongoing grant seeks partial funding for the Borough’s Historic Preservation Specialist, on a part-time basis.  The Consultant provides technical guidance and administrative assistance to property and business owners rehabilitating and improving their exterior facades of buildings located in Bellefonte’s Historic district.  The 2010 Consultant was selected in early September 2009 and is Erin Hammerstedt.