Borough of Bellefonte


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Q. What is Bellefonte Borough’s Earned Income Tax Rate?

A. The Earned Income Tax Rate is 1.65% (1.05% School District .6% Municipality)

Q. Do I have to file a local return if my employer withheld local taxes?

A. Yes- Tax receipts are reconciled annually.

Q. Where can I get a local tax form

A. 2011 and previous years tax forms can be downloaded from this website under the tax office tab.  2012 forms area available at the Bellefonte Borough office or on the front page of this website.  The 2012 collector is Centre Tax Agency.


Q. What are the water, sewer, garbage and recycling rates per quarter for the Bellefonte Borough in the residential area?

A. Water- $20.00 flat rate plus $3.90 per 1,000 gallons used per quarter

Sewer- $97.00 flat rate per quarter

Garbage- $56.00 flat rate per quarter

Recycling- $7.00 flat rate per quarter

Q. Does the $20.00 flat rate include any water usage?

A. No, the $20.00 does not include water usage. The fee is to be hooked to the Bellefonte Borough water system.

Q. Do I have to pay for trash service if I do not put garbage out?

A. Yes, whether trash is put out or not, the service is still available in the Bellefonte Borough.

Q. What is the charge for commercial refuse service?

A. It Depends on how much trash is put out per week and if there is a dumpster or not. Please contact the Bellefonte Borough office for rates.

Q. Do I have to have a Sewer Dye Test done at my home before I close on my house that I am selling?

A. Yes, if a dye test has never been done at the location, a dye test must be done before the closing on the house.

Q. How can I access the Bellefonte Borough Landfill?

A. A key to the landfill is available at the office with a ten dollar($10.00) deposit and needs to be returned by 4:30 the same day. Mid March through October the landfill is open on Saturday mornings from 8:00 AM- noon, for use without a key.

Q. What can I take to the landfill?

A. Grass Clippings, leaves, and brush.

Q. What can I do to discourage skunks in my yard and/or how do I have a skunk removed.

A. Skunk Control Tips

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